Thousands of pupils have come through our doors since we opened in 1971. We hope that every child that engages with the Jackie Palmer Stage School gains something from it. Whether the child wishes to pursue a career in the Performing Arts or not, our training aims to raise every child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Our Alumni includes those who have gone on to Professional careers outside of the Arts such as, Doctors, Solicitors, Teachers, Accountants, Professors, Bankers, Managers,

Those that work within the Arts, but not as performers such as: Producers, Editors, Designers, Chaperones, Theatre Administrators, Performing Arts Teachers, Arts Facilitators

However some of our pupils do go onto work as performers, encompassing all areas of the Performing Arts: Actors, Dancers and Singers.

We cannot promise that all go on to Oscar Success like Eddie Redmayne, or film star status like Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Tony/BAFTA award winning James Corden. But many of our other alumni, too numerous to list continue to be involved in Award Winning West End shows and BAFTA winning Productions.

“My memories of Marylyn and her talented crew remain some of the most brilliant, happy and vibrant. It makes me so damn proud to have been a part of this wonderful, wonderful school.”
– Eddie Redmayne

“Jackie, Marylyn, Alex and Carmen were such a part of my life for such a long time, their influence on me is still as evident today as it was when I was ten years old. I used to Love coming to the school so much, it was the single best part of my week. It was amazing, incredible and it means the world to me.”
– James Corden

“I can never thank you enough for the twelve great years I spent with you.”
– Aaron Taylor-Johnson

A clip of Eddie Talking to James about Jackie Palmer Stage school on his Late Late show can be found on our news page. Likewise one of Aaron will be added shortly