School Rules

 School Rules

  1. Correct Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times. (Please refer to the Uniform page)
  2. Girls with long hair must have it slicked back neatly in a bun (this is not a ponytail simply held by a bun net! The staff will happily help you if you are unfamiliar with how to do a bun) Girls with short hair should wear a fine net and a hair band to keep the hair back. Boys must ensure their hair is not a hindrance to their eye lines when dancing.
  3. No jewellery (with the exception of medical bracelets) or watches are to be worn. This includes piercings.
  4. We expect children to be polite and well-mannered at all times, this applies not only to staff members, but to other pupils as well. Unruly or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. Mobile phones are not allowed to be on during class without prior arrangement with the teacher. Phones will be confiscated if this occurs.
  6. If you wish to leave the Stage School we require a full terms notice in writing or the full terms fees in lieu.

Studio Rules

  1. We will not take responsibility for valuables of any kind, therefore please do not bring them onto the premises.
  2. No Food is allowed into any of the dance/drama studios, the only beverage permissible is water. If your child needs to bring snacks for welfare reasons, then these must be eaten in the reception area and please note the Studios are a NUT FREE zone, we have some pupils with severe allergies.
  3. No outdoor shoes can be worn within the dance/drama studios, outside shoes should be changed in the reception area.
  4. Please note the Jackie Palmer Studios and its immediate environs are non –smoking.
  5. Children must be collected from the studios, they will not be able to leave without an appropriate adult – unless prior arrangements have been made with the school.

Disciplinary Issues

  1. The teacher will speak to the student. (If the teacher feels it’s necessary they will sit them out)
  2. If the behaviour persists they will then be excluded from class. (If this happens they will be under adult supervision away from the class)
  3. If by the following week the behaviour is still unacceptable the principal will contact parents to discuss a way forward.
  4. As a last resort the student will be excluded from the school (On the rare occasion this happens the terms fees will not be refunded)