Why choose Jackie Palmer Stage School?

We have over fifty years experience of training children. Our proven track record includes film stars and professional performers, but we are equally proud of those who simply came for fun, friendship, confidence & communication skills. 

We are great value for money, are competitively priced and cheaper than most of our main competitors. Along with our weekly classes you also have the opportunity to join the internationally renowned Jackie Palmer Agency

We care. Every child who joins us becomes a member of the Jackie Palmer family, forming friendships and being part of a fantastic journey. We now have grandchildren of original pupils, and have been the root of lifelong friendships.

Our Approach

Our classes are geared to create all round performers who are equipped not just with one skill, but all performance skills. For example: you are a better street dancer if you understand rhythm and you gain a much better understanding of rhythm from Tap. You are a better Ballet dancer if your drama skills can enliven your storytelling. As an actor performing a role, you need to understand your physicality to create a character; actors learn this through movement and dance. Every skill is linked and each one helps the others. Lots of children have their favourites, but even their favourite discipline will be improved by studying all of them. We make this as easy as possible for parents by doing all the subjects in one go; no driving backwards and forwards on different days, leaving more time free for other activities – even if it is just homework!

What we offer

We have classes for those who want to go on and become professional performers, be they actors, singers or dancers, and also those who simply enjoy the performing arts. Those who are interested in friendships, fun and learning and through attending classes will gain confidence, which will enrich their lives, no matter what they want to be when they are older. Jackie Palmer is a family with room for everyone.

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