Dates & Fees


The school runs for forty weeks of the year, with twelve weeks holiday (over Christmas, Easter & Summer.) The school does not close for half terms. Therefore our term dates may at first seem rather strange as academic schools only run for three terms.

Term 1 always starts in September
Term 2 always starts in November (encompasses the Christmas Holidays)
Term 3 always starts in February (encompasses the Easter Holidays)
Term 4 always starts in May

 Academic Year 2019/20

Term 1
Week commencing Monday 2nd September to week ending Sunday 10th November

Term 2
Week commencing Monday 11th November to week ending Sunday 9th February

Term 3
Week commencing Monday 10th February to week ending Sunday 3rd May

Term 4
Week commencing Monday 4th May to week ending Sunday 12th July

 Holidays 2019/20

We always run classes through half terms but we do break for the following

*Christmas Holidays – Monday 16th December – Sunday 5th January

*Easter Holidays –  Monday 6th April – Sunday 19th April

*Summer Holidays – Monday 13th July – Sunday 30th August


Marylyn and Jackie have always considered their pupils to be their children, an extended family. With family in mind, it was decided that fees would be held as low as possible so that no one would be excluded – a policy that has endured ever since. We are proud to say we are still cheaper than all the other main dance/drama schools in the area.

The fees are paid termly, and are due the last week of the previous term. They can be paid with either cash, cheque, credit or debit card. There are penalties for late payment. Payment plans are available.  If you wish to leave the Stage School we require a full terms notice in writing or the full terms fees in lieu.

Dance & Drama

45 mins for ten weeks – £70
1 hour for ten weeks – £75
1 ½ hours for ten weeks – £110
2 hours for ten weeks – £140
2 ½ hours for ten weeks – £180
3 hours for ten weeks – £205
3 ½ hours for ten weeks – £260

Optional Classes

Team Acro for ten weeks – £75
Private Singing for ten weeks – £200
Commercial Classes for ten weeks £70 / £75
Street Crew for ten weeks – £70

Optional Group Singing and Boys Ballet

30 mins for ten weeks – £55
45 mins for ten weeks – £70
1 hour for ten weeks – £75