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When Jackie Palmer was a young girl back in the 1930’s she took her sister to a dance class; the teacher spied a talent and allowed her to join in. Two years later she was dancing professionally in pantomimes, going on to become a principal dancer, head girl, choreographer and performing in the West End and up and down the country. Fast forward to 1971, Jackie’s daughter Marylyn was working at the BBC, whilst teaching pupils privately when she decided to start the stage school and asked Jackie to join her. From a handful of pupils in High Wycombe’s Old Town Hall, nearly fifty years later, it is thriving in purpose built studios, running full time and part time courses as well as our weekly classes.

Why we do what we do?

Every child has potential. Every child has qualities within them that make them special. Not every child is destined to be a movie star or to become a Prima Ballerina, but every child can shine. Every child can learn to express themselves, have the confidence to walk with their head held high, articulate who they are and what they want. Performance skills enhance confidence, expressivity, co-ordination, focus, discipline and quick thinking. Every child can benefit; what child doesn’t deserve the chance to make more friends, excellent memories and who knows…someone has to be a film-star!

Future opportunities

A Jackie Palmer class trains you in all the main performing disciplines. You will be working hard and having fun, so why not see if you enjoy working professionally? The Jackie Palmer Agency has been running since 1975, providing children for Theatre, Film & TV. Well-respected within the industry it is for children who want proper opportunities, not just being extras in the background. Once you have joined the stage school, come along to the Agency meeting and find out more, or visit www.jpaassociates.co.uk

The success of the weekly stage school has led to the opening of the Jackie Palmer Academy in 2013 (thank you, James Corden, for coming and doing the honours!). Award winning in its own right, the Academy offers a full time BTEC and Gap Year Course.

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