What do the classes include?

Every class does Drama (Script-work & Improvisation), Acrobatic (Body Conditioning and tricks), Dance (Modern— Street, Jazz & MT and Tap). Exams are taken in every subject as well as rehearsing and performing in shows. You also have the option of joining group singing or private singing, Team Acro, and to join the Jackie Palmer Agency so you can be represented for Professional work.

When do the classes take place?

Thursday night is boys’ night! Starting from 5 years old to 16 year olds, you won’t be one of only a few boys shoved into a girls’ class with us. Boys train differently to girls, so an all boys’ environment is better, although the school does come together for shows, so duets or pieces that need all genders can be performed. The length of class depends on your age, so our three year olds only have 45 minutes whereas our 16 years olds have three hours. But, importantly, all the subjects are done one after another in the same place, so parents only have to drop off

What do I need?

All the uniform is bought from us; second hand options are also available. You need Trousers, T.Shirt, Jazz & Tap Shoes. There are some optional purchases of Jumpers, Bags and Dance Belts. Prices vary depending on ages, sizes and fitting. As a guide a three year old can be fully kitted out for approximately £50, whereas an eighteen year old would be approximately £85.

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